How To Make Money in GTA V Guide

GTA V is one of the most popular and loved games of the decade.

Released back in 2013 for consoles and in 2014,2015 for PC & PS4, it gained popularity worldwide and even today, there are millions of players enjoying it.

Moreover, after the release of GTA 5 Mods, it changed the game overall with new features such as enhanced graphics, deadly weapons, exotic cars and brand new Heists & DLC.

The open-world style of the game makes the players love the game and the GTA enthusiasts that are playing it from the very first version are still stuck to it till Rockstar releases GTA VI.

There are several different things that you will need to survive in the game and the most important of all of them is the cash. There are several different methods to earn or collect cash in the game. And the same is the question in the mind of every newbie to GTA V. In this article, we’ll describe some of the best and fast methods that will allow you to make money in GTA V and spend on your favorite items.


Heists are one of the challenging yet high-reward objectives in GTA V. These are also one of the most played modes in GTA V and we loved playing these as they are challenging and rewarding. Also, you will need excellent skill levels along with some of your friends that too have some excellent skills in the game to accomplish these thrilling missions.

The Pacific Standard Heist is one of the most challenging and highly profitable heists that reward you on hourly basics. Some of the other heists include The Prison Break, The Doomsday heist, etc. One thing that you must keep in mind that the minimum amount to start the heist is approx. $50k while the profits could be as high as $10 Million.

VIP Works

The missions or related to the VIP works may not give you a large number of profits as the other ones but they surely are hardcore and worth playing. Moreover, you will need to increase your playing time if you want to accomplish these challenging missions. For these missions, you will need to start an organization, i.e. VIP, CEO, etc. and click on the VIP work.

You will have an option to select several missions and some of them are sightseer, headhunter, hostile takeover, etc. also, these missions are the best alternative for your free time as the other features are reloading or there is a certain amount of time needed to do the other missions.

Daily Objectives

This is one of the easiest methods of getting a certain amount of cash. From the interaction menu, select the Daily Objectives and you will be shown a task to complete each day. After the successful completion, you will be rewarded 25,000$. The difficulty level of these objectives varies as some of them will be easy and you can complete them alone while the other will require the help of 2 or 3 friends.

If you take my opinion, the daily objectives can make you a lot rich. For instance, there is a specific bonus of completing the daily objectives for 7 constant days and 28 constant days. You will be awarded a bonus of $100k for completing the daily objectives for seven constant days and $500k for completing them for 28 constant days.

Special Cargo

Another exciting yet challenging way to earn money is to deliver the cargo. But for that, you need to start an organization as a CEO from the SecuroServ option in the interaction menu. Moreover, you will need to access the computer in your office and select Special Cargo. From there you can buy a certain number of crates. You will need to deliver that crates to your warehouse. Keep in mind that you can deliver one crate at a time. Afterward, you can sell those crates to your warehouse.

Try to buy more crates at once as it is more time-effective. Also, you can call for help from friends for collecting and delivering the crates. Moreover, the more crates you sell at once, the more profit there will be.

Motorcycle Club

Interacting with the Motorcycle Club is yet another way of earning the easy yet a large amount of cash. Similar to the other hunts access your laptop and from there, steal, resupply or deliver the bike supplies. You will need to complete a mission to deliver the supplies to your business if you choose that option, or they can be delivered without any effort if you buy them. Once you have supplied, your staff will begin production, turning them into stock when you’re doing most other things in the game. You can then use the laptop in the business building to sell your stock via a delivery mission to turn a profit.

Double Money Events

Double money events are more exciting than the delivery missions. They are varied each week by the Rockstar studios and allow you to earn a lot of money while enjoying the exciting missions. For instance, there will be certain races, vehicle cargo sales, etc. The more options you have open to you, the more you can take advantage of these double money events if they happen to be for something lucrative. And if there’s ever double money on Heists (which is very rare), you should absolutely do some grinding during that week.

Gunrunning, Criminal, and other Businesses.

These are some easy and hassle-free methods of earning cash. While the profit margins may not be high as in the other challenging missions but it will ensure that you will have a massive amount of income. Moreover, the cashing will be credited to you constantly as far as these businesses are running while you are busy doing some other missions.

These businesses include cocaine business, gunrunning, or a Motorcycle club. Also, you can steal or buy some supplies for your business and it will readily increase the profit margin.


So, these were some of the best methods to get the fast or instant Cash in GTA V. Moreover, there is a GTA 5 Money Drop that will make the game more interesting, along with several new missions and enhanced graphics.